About Hill Country Motorcycle Tours

Bob D'Amore is the owner/operator of HCMT and has owned and ridden a number of types of motorcyles over the last 40 years, and is now riding a Heritage Softail. Bob is a 25 year retired Air Force veteran and also served joint tours with First Army and XVIII ABNC, and served in Afghanistan.
Great Hill Country runs for all levels of riders. Planned rides: Three Sisters, Three Brothers, Willow City Loop, AND MORE! Pit stops in Bandera, Luckenbach, Camp Wood, Utopia, Johnson City, Fredricksburg, Albert, and many others. Choose your roads: Straight, twisty, or both!
Rates are variable and depend upon length of ride and number of bikes, but start at $75 per bike. We’ll quote you a rate when we plan your ride. Overnite/several-day trips are also available and again, we’ll quote the rate when we plan the trip.
Contact Bob at 210-698-5259 or at contact@hcmttexas.com to discuss and schedule a run!
Get a head start on your trip and get the paperwork out of the way! Download everything you need to get on the road!